Marketplaces like Amazon, BOL, Kaufland and Etsy are well established Sales channels and unavoidable for any brand to work with. The downside is the margin that these companies take on every transaction, making selling on Marketplaces really a numbers game.

With FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant) you as Merchant or your fulfilment partner on your behalf fulfills the order that the customer placed at the Amazon shop. The order transmits from the Amazon system into Supplime’s Order Management System, either directly or through your E-commerce platform. This way you can leverage the Amazon name and easy access for consumers, and at the same time keep control over your inventory and fulfilment. You manage the catalogue and price strategy, we take care of the rest.

FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) allows you to explore new markets in which you want to put your toe in the water but do not want to invest in expensive fulfilment infrastructure like warehouses and a returns process just yet. With FBA you ship your products directly from your fulfilment location to any of the Amazon warehouses in Europe, so they store and ship your product to your customers. The Amazon storage cost, special labeling requirements, strict time-slot deliveries and fulfilmnent cost make this option one of the most expensive fulfilment options around. We at Supplime can help you to avoid the steep and expensive learning curve that FBA can be for early cross border exploration by avoiding charge backs for wrong labeling, missed delivery slots or poor inventory management.