Dangerous Goods

You may not even be aware, but some products that seem to be normal merchandise, are still considered Dangerous Goods (DG) for Storage or Transportation purposes. Although legislation in Europe is more or less harmonized, not all Parcel carriers apply the same rules for accepting and moving Dangerous Goods. Some do accept Limited Quantities (LQ) in their network as long as it’s marked as such on the package; others do not accept DG product at all and will dispose of the item as soon as they find it in their network.

As owner of the product, it is your responsibility to notify the fulfilment provider and the carrier of the substance of the Dangerous Goods item through the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and as sender of the DG item you need (by law) to have a licensed Dangerous Goods person available to monitor compliance.

Supplime has in-house licensed DG specialists that can monitor DG compliance with the fulfilment providers and carriers on your behalf, and we can advise you on the correct application of European legislation for your product.