Healthcare product

Many medical equipment items like consumables do not require a Pharma License for storage and handling. They can be considered as general merchandise. The distribution of these items however does require special attention, as the delivery is usually to pharmacies, hospitals or individuals. Discretion and good planning is therefore essential.

Although Supplime does not have Good Distribution Practice (GDP) license to store Pharmaceutical product, a selected number of fulfilment partners in our network do have a GDP license to store Pharmaceutical product or even a GMP license, for instance to repack medicines into blisters.

Contact Supplime to ask for a tailormade solution for your Healthcare product fulfilment.

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Are you ready to conquer Europe with your e-commerce offering? And do you want to make good profit without complete dependency on horizontal marketplaces?

Here are 6 key take-aways to consider for your logistics:

  • 1 Transportation cost vs. Inventory cost – finding the sweet spot
  • 2 The secret of optimizing order fill rates
  • 3 Smarter choices in Carrier Management
  • 4 Building a flexible and profitable fulfilment network
  • 5 The pros and cons of stockpiling
  • 6 Forecasting, is that still needed?

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