Bonded storage & excise product

Avoid paying double duty by storing your product in one of the bonded fulfilment centers in our network

Supplime has a number of fulfilment partners that offer both customs bonded storage as well as import and export clearance on your behalf.

We can also split your products in free-circulation product stored at one fulfilment center, and bonded product stored and fulfilled at another. You won’t notice the difference in fulfilment service, as Supplime takes care of the back-end process.

Are you planning to sell alcohol online?

There are strict rules for selling alcohol through a webshop: municipalities have zoning restrictions, and you may only sell high-alcohol beverages if you also have an off-license company.

Although you don’t need a license to sell low-alcohol beverages on-line, restrictions do apply to the area from which beverages can be supplied: it should be a closed room which is not accessible to the public. When supplying alcohol, you are obliged to check the recipient’s age. Find out more about selling excise products online from our excise specialists.