Drop off & Pick up points

With Supplime you can book a shipment for a specific pick-up point, print and email return labels for specific drop-off location, or define your own Warehouse or store as a pick up or drop-off location for your customers. You can even allocate drop-ship orders to one of your suppliers for a direct delivery to your customer, bypassing your own fulfilment center. See for yourself which networks are already in place:

If your preferred application is not in the list, ask us !

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Are you ready to conquer Europe with your e-commerce offering? And do you want to make good profit without complete dependency on horizontal marketplaces?

Here are 6 key take-aways to consider for your logistics:

  • 1 Transportation cost vs. Inventory cost – finding the sweet spot
  • 2 The secret of optimizing order fill rates
  • 3 Smarter choices in Carrier Management
  • 4 Building a flexible and profitable fulfilment network
  • 5 The pros and cons of stockpiling
  • 6 Forecasting, is that still needed?

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