Improving your Supply Chain with the data we collected in step 3 and help you optimize your cash-flow, so you can continue to grow profitably

Improve and optimize cash-flow

It generally takes 1 year to build up the data set to finetune your fulfilment set up in Europe and to create a smoothly running operation. During this first year of operation we make small adjustments to allocation rules and we even replace a carrier or two.

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But the ultimate benefit of this first year is the Supply Chain insight we build with the data we collect:

Your customer orders provide valuable insights into the demand characteristics of your Supply Chain, from which we can improve the inflow of products from Suppliers

The items that you sell in this first year offer insights into the product life cycle of your product categories and individual items

The sell-through of your assortment tells you about your inventory turnover and the options to your disposal to adjust this inventory to free up cash

During the improvement step:

we align stock availability with marketing campaigns

we take over operational procurement from your contracted suppliers

we forecast demand based on historic sales patterns, seasonality and planned campaigns

we re-allocate items to different markets or replace them by new categories based on your feedback

we optimize inventory levels across different channels.

In other words: we help you to generate cash flow, so you can grow even faster.